Gear Ideas from Aden Cabro

Looking for gear? Check out these options! Please note that these are affiliate links, so if you buy something I might earn a small referral fee without any added cost to you. (In other words: "As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.")

The Ten Essentials

If you look online, you'll find various ideas of what "the 10 essentials" should be. Can we really narrow down "the essentials" to 10 items? Since there isn't complete agreement among the various lists, perhaps not! So, I present here my suggestion for a "ten essentials" list, which attempts to merge ideas from multiple other lists. Please note that the categories are "recommended" but the linked products have not been evaluated by me and are presented here just as examples of products that you should evaluate for yourself.

  1. Low-tech navigation (a durable compass is a good start, whereas a device that will run out of battery power is probably not)
  2. Wearable weather protection (sun, wind, rain...) (match to reasonably expected conditions, such as sunblock or a light jacket)
  3. First aid (many first aid kits are available, or you can build your own, remembering to maximize functionality with limited weight)
  4. Nutrition (some fun food is fine, but also include dense nutrition for survival)
  5. Hydration (a water bottle with filtration might meet your needs)
  6. Fire starter (a simple butane lighter is usually light, durable, and easy to use)
  7. Light (chemical light sticks, flashlights, headlamps, a wind-resistant candle lantern... many options, just don't get left in the dark!)
  8. Signaling device(s) (a mirror and a whistle could be a good start)
  9. Tools (try for maximum functions with minimal weight, such as with a multi-tool)
  10. Shelter (the best option may depend on where you will be; a bivy shelter might be good, but you also might be fine with some multi-purpose paracord and repurposed plastic sheeting)

In-Book Mentions

This section previously listed some of the real-life products that are mentioned in the Island Survival books. These links were not presented well nor maintained. This section will be rebuilt in a more reliable way when resources permit.

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